• High resolution meshes
  • Realistic color textures combined with high resolution scanning
  • UAV photogrammetry
  • Large structure scanning and modeling
  • Cultural heritage scanning
  • High resolution scanning and dimensional analysis
  • Large areas scanning
  • Reverse engineering and modeling
  • BIM modeling
  • 3D scanning and dimensional analysis
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3D Scanning

Solutions for 3D scanning, measurement and generation of 3D information of architectural objects, cultural heritage assets, industrial parts or large areas using the most appropriate technique for each project.



Reverse engineering using portable 3D scan data is able to provide a CAD model from an object of any geometric shape when any previous documentation is available.  In this case the size does not matter, being able to work from the range of millimeters to hundreds of meters.


Aerial services

Our services allow us to combine our photogrammetry and terrestrial scanning services with the aerial perspective that the drones provide. They are also an essential tool for the generation of 3D models of buildings, historical sites or volume calculations among many other applications.


3D Dimensional analysis

Solutions for inspection and dimensional control that allows to extract from a cloud of points or geometric elements probed, a comparison of the part and its elements with the nominal measures of the CAD model.


Long Range Scanning

Long-range scanners allow large-scale scans to be made using a massive point cloud, capturing all the details of reality and bringing them to our screen easily and efficiently. The versatility of this technique allows its application in many sectors where precision is required in the documentation of large areas.


Aerial services

By importing 3D scan data into a 3D modeling environment we can create highly accurate as-built models, design our project in real conditions or collaborate in the project’s BIM methodology.

Official resellers

RealityCapture is a state-of-the-art photogrammetry program, being one of the fastest solution on the market.

  • Able to generate point clouds, 3D meshes and virtual reality scenes from images and laser scanner data.
  • One of the fastest programs on the market, capable of working with virtually unlimited data and in a semi-automatic environment through a simple interface.
  • Allows a simple and smooth integration between laser scanner data and images.

About us

We are a multidisciplinary company based on the latest technology that provides solutions in 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

NovaScan3D was born in 2019, within the Metrofort group, with the aim of providing 3D scanning services according to the needs of each client and project. Based on a constant contact with new technologies and a dynamic team with training and experience in the sector, we offer concrete solutions within the wide range of possibilities existing in 3D documentation.

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  • 3D scanning
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Reverse engineering

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Lars Focke specialises in capturing patterns and turning them into ethereal beauty. Lars Focke.

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