Close range scanning

Our Close Range Scanning services provide 3D documentation of objects ranging from centimeter size to several meters. Our different instruments allows us to offer accuracies from 0.065 mm, which is ideal for the most demanding objects. Also the combination with other techniques, such as photogrammetry allows us to create hyper realistic objects where the color quality is a fundamental issue.


Close Rane 3D scanning consists of generating a virtual or digital replica of a given object. For this purpose, we use portable 3D scanners, structured light scanners or scan arms. They allow us to offer the appropriate solution for the scanning of each object, which mainly depends on the resolution required, the size of the artifact and the characteristics of the material.

From a maximum accuracy of 0.065 mm, it is the ideal solution for the inspection of industrial parts, scanning of cultural heritage collections, creation of replicas or generation of models for multimedia environments. The possibility of scanning with different technologies allows us to scan objects with complicated materials and offer our services either in our office or moving to any location.


Through photogrammetry we can obtain 3D models from photographs. This technique alone gives us optimal results for certain types of objects, especially those with an organic geometry and variety in texture. Its main advantage is that we can produce high quality textures or color in our object.

For this purpose we have the photographic material, as well as a small photography studio that allows us to take the appropriate images in our office or moving our studio to any location. We also have the latest software that allows us to transform images into 3D information.

The combination of scanning and photogrammetry allows us to combine the highest resolution in geometry and color for our scans.


The applications of 3D scanning are diverse and are an important tool for different sectors. From scanning as a simple backup for valuable objects, 3D printing, conservation and study of art and heritage, applications of virtual and augmented reality, redesign of objects or inspection of industrial parts. In recent years we have done work such as:

  • Scanning of furniture for web presentations and rendering
  • Scanning of collections; flowers, cushions, decorative elements, etc.
  • Generation of replicas and web visualization
  • 3D printing
  • Creation of models for orthopedic applications
  • Scanning for 3D inspection and reverse engineering
  • Generation of models for virtual reality or augmented reality applications