Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the process by which the CAD geometry of a part or structure is obtained using the point cloud or mesh obtained through the scanning process as a source.

¿What is reverse engineering?

The reverse engineering service consists of creating a 3D file from the point cloud, thus obtaining the surface of the object, creating a digital replica for post-processing with which we can produce a 3D CAD file, either in surface or solid mode with which we can work and/or modify.

In contrast to dimensional inspection work or “as-built” modeling, where the objective is to determine the deviations or defects of a part or structure, in reverse engineering the goal is to produce a very high quality surface CAD model where meshes and point clouds are transformed into geometric entities. To generate the model we can combine the data from the scan and data from other sources, such as 2D drawings.

Why request a reverse engineering service?

Due to the versatility of scanning systems, this process is indifferent to the size of the object, working from large structures to objects as small as a coin. Also, our flexibility allows us to both move and scan collections of objects in our offices reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Among other applications it allows:

  • Preserve and document handmade molds and obsolete parts
  • Create model for the creation of models or adjacent objects
  • Re-design and optimization of parts
  • Make design changes or replace parts or components
  • 3D visualization and animation
  • Machining and molding
  • Create a nominal model with which to compare future products