The point cloud generated by the laser scanner is integrated with a series of high-resolution panoramic photographs, which combined generate a virtual tour, making it possible to walk through the different positions and interact with the metric data and photographs. It is perfect for engineering, presentations, security talks or for website use.

What is it used for?

With the files generated by our 3D terrestrial scanning team we obtain a series of panoramic photographs that combined with the point cloud we can create a fully customizable 3D virtual tour, being able to navigate at any time through our facilities, study modifications, calculate obstacles, capture high quality details, measuring distances and much more.

A virtual tour is a very useful element when managing large installations, to facilitate collaborative work, for the creation of presentations, security talks or to incorporate it into the website itself.

Likewise, it is an interesting application when we are working on designs over existing installations, since it allows us to detect irregularities in an easy and intuitive way and to resort to the point cloud when we need more detail or precision, being a perfect complement for the creation of as-Built documentation avoiding numerous visits to the plant.